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Omo Kuraz 2 Sugar Factory

Ethiopia is endowed with many natural agro-ecological zones suitable to carry out sugar development at large scale. Hence, sugar development sub sector, one among others considered as both medium as well as high level manufacturing industries, is under implementation both during the First and Second Growth and Transformation Plan of the nation.

In addition of its role to food security, sugar industry is one among many other sources of renewable energy with tremendous role of minimizing the problem of climate change the whole world is worrying about. Likewise, the role the sector is playing to save the foreign currency the nation has been spending to import fuel is remarkable.

Though the sub sector is highly capital intensive, the wide job opportunity it creates as well as the economic as well as social development it brings about with it to areas with hot climate where the development is being carried out at is very rewarding.

The increment of per capital income of citizens and expansion of industries which take sugar as an input to their products as well as the rise of the population of the nation were the other factors to carry out the sector intensely.

Fulfilling the fast-growing local demand of sugar and sugar by-products and also becoming internationally competent in both quality as well as price of the product are the reasons behind to the nations extensive engagement on the sector.

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Accordingly, Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project is one among many others which have been in implementation to realize the aforementioned goals the nation has set.

Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project, which is under implementation since 2010, encircles some areas of Selamago and Gnangatom districts of South Omo Zone; Surma and Meinit Shasha districts of Benchi Maji Zone and Deicha District of Keffa Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State.

While the project has four sugar factories in total which use sugarcane to be planted on a hundred thousand hectares of land as an input, Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory Two, a factory constructed by a Chinese company known as COMPLANT, is the first among all others in entering into regular operation. And, the rest three (Omo-Kuraz Factory 1, 3 and 5) are currently under various construction levels.

Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory Two which had started trial production in March 23, 2017 is constructed to be of 12, 000 TCD /Tone of Cane Crushed per day/ design capacity which upon reaching its maximum crushing capacity later will have a potential of producing 2.5 Million Quintals of sugar 28 Million Liters ethanol a year.

Securing 6.67 Billion Birr from Development Bank of China for factory construction purpose alone, the construction work of the factory was started in July 2015. The factory, designed to produce 60 Mega Watt electric power from its by-product known as bagasse in total, will have a capacity of sending 40 Mega Watt of electric power to the national grid while consuming the rest to its own.

Furthermore, Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project has made natives around it the very beneficiary in terms of economy as well as social services. Since its establishment in 2010, it has created direct and indirect job opportunities to over 104, 500 citizens. Many youth around have been made to pass through various skill training programs and hence they are now working in the project.

Likewise, natives who had voluntarily joined the villagization program are currently benefitting from social services constructed to them. Organized in sugarcane out growers associations and acquiring 0.75 hectares of land cultivated with cane by Sugar Corporation at house hold level, they are also in preparation to supply cane to the factory. The Corporation has also made irrigable land available so as to enable natives lead their life in a stable situation and become self sufficient in food crop production.

The commencement of Omo-Kuraz Factory 2 is a great proud to employees and members of management of the Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project, Sugar Corporation, COMPLANT and all stake holders who, facing the very challenging climate of the area where there was no any kind of infrastructure, carried out the various works of the project contributing their expertise and labor unreservedly as well as to all Ethiopian people.

Omo Kuraz 3 Sugar Factory

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