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Govít committed to stimulate economy, restore durable peace: PM Abiy

Government committed to stimulate economy, restore durable peace: PM Abiy



Govít committed to stimulate economy, restore durable peace: PM Dr AbiyAddis Ababa, April 16, 2018 (FBC) Ė Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government is committed to stimulate the economy by restoring durable peace in the country.

The Premier made the remarks yesterday while addressing a gathering of 25,000 members of the society drawn from all parts of the country at the Addis Ababa Millennium Hall.

The conflicts that brought the country into problems during the past two years were eased by the unity of the people, he said.

The Premier called on all citizens to fulfill their responsibilities and safeguard their country to lift  the economy out of current slowdown. 

Prime Minister Abiy added that the government will do its level best to dress shortage of foreign currencies, which is the main bottleneck of the economy.

He said due attention will be given to the manufacturing and import substitution through building the capacity of local investors.The Premier also pledged to take measures to tackle delay of mega projects.  

He further said works will be carried out to maintain education quality and improve the agricultural sector as well as to fight against corruption, maladministration, and bad governance.

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The Premier further said that his government will reinforce its foreign diplomacy, especially with its neighbors as well as its role to bring peace and stability in the Horn of African region.

Underscoring the importance of building the capacity of contending political parties to strengthen democracy, the Premier said the government will work jointly with parties to make the upcoming election free, fair, and credible.

Reforms will be made in the justice system so as to ensure rule of law, he said, adding works will be exerted to make security institutions neutral and loyal to the Constitution.

He further called on media to discharge their responsibilities in issues related to image building, peace, development and job creation.

He further urged religious leaders, artists, and teachers to focus on producing ethical society and fighting corruption. He also called on the youth to contribute their share for the economic growth of the country.

The Premier further said the government will work to ensure benefit of persons with disabilities.


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