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REST Partner, Charitywater Has a Very Successful Fundraising Event



REST Partner, Charitywater Has a Very Successful Fundraising Event


(Aigaforum) Dec 2, 2018 - A well-known Non-governmental Organization Charitywater held a very successful fundraising event in San Francisco California on Dec 1st, 2018 to buy a water well-drilling machine rig and supportive trucks and vehicles for Relief Society of Tigrai(REST). The well attended Gala under the theme “The Gift of Time”, was organized by Charitywater a long-time partner of REST on key water projects all over Tigrai. Charitywater has also completed water projects all over Ethiopia outside Tigrai!

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The fundraising event was attended by who is who from the technology industry including Charitywater officials, Tekeleweyni Assefa Director of REST and his team from REST headquarter in Tigrai.


Tekelweyni and his team were ecstatic. The fundraising event was very successful beyond their wildest imagination. According to Charitywater official, the donations came mostly from individuals employed in the high-tech industry.


The fundraising event raised over 10 million US dollars of which over 700 thousand will go to the procurement of water well-drilling machine rig and supportive trucks and vehicles. According to Tekelewyni the project operational cost will also be covered all the way up to 2025. All in all, over 73 million hours will be saved.


REST and Charitywater have had a very successful partnership over the years. One of the projects is clean drinking water that covers much of rural Tigrai.  According to the head of the project who is the local manager of the project working for Charitywater, the pumps are monitored for functionality remotely from New York and so far over 90% of them are working.


As you all know REST has successfully carried land and soil rehabilitation all over Tigrai over the years. In fact, the Tigrai state was awarded gold medal prize for its environmental work a year or so ago by the international organizations!  REST has been a key partner with US-AID in many safety net projects in Tigrai. The US-AID has built trust with REST over the years as a model partner to implement projects.


Tekelweyni said the rig will be good to cover the water need of Tigrai in a very short period of time.


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