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A Teenage book author donates 5 thousand birr to TDA

A Teenage book author donates 5 thousand birr to TDA


Mihreteab Araya, a student of Kallamino Special Secondary School, has donated 5 thousand birr to TDA out of the income he obtained by selling his book titled “ዋጋ ፅንዓትዕ መድብል ግጥምታት ትግርኛ”.


Mihreteab completed 12 grade last year in 2011 and now is waiting to join university. He is just a teenager but prematurely understands the goodness of doing good to the cause of TDA. This is ostensibly something that youths of his age and above can take a lesson to engage likewise and beyond.


While answering to the question of the motive behind his donation, Mihreteab confidently pronounced that he just wanted to be part of the 3 years’ strategic plan TDA launched last year. He elaborated: “One of the objectives of the plan, as far as I know, is to help eradicate ‘dass’ classes and replace them by standard buildings. From now on, I don’t want to see or hear children learning in ‘dass’ classes with snakes”.


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Mihreteab Araya further explained, while delivering the money, that this is only a beginning. As long as he continues writing books, he would contribute to TDA 10% of his earnings.


Having appreciated the generosity of Mihreteab, Mr. Tesfay Gebregziabher, deputy executive director of TDA, wished him all the best in his future writing career and urged youngsters of same age to help TDA in volunteering and promoting the cause of TDA.


It is though good news that a decent number of teenagers are nowadays voluntarily taking an active part in supporting to the causes of TDA through various mechanisms.


Many thanks to Mihreteab Araya, the author!



373 primary and secondary school teachers from Adihaki sub-city have become permanent members of TDA

On the 20th of September 2019, TDA, in cooperation with sub-city administrative office, organized a half-day public meeting for primary and secondary school teachers to raise their consciousness of TDA and its previous accomplishments, ongoing and planned education-and-health related projects.

It was learnt that the meeting was of two objectives of awarding a ‘Thank-You’ certificate to 150 teachers who were already members, and of making the rest 223 become members of TDA through sensitization.

Having admired the tremendous work of TDA and mentioned the fact that there is still lack of awareness; participants recommended that similar sensitization program should be held in each and every sub-city.

Mr. Tesfay Taddese, TDA Mekelle zonal coordinator, who made the presentation thereof, said that the objective of meeting was realized and also successful in a sense that all teachers were determined to contribute their part in any form by becoming a permanent member of TDA.


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