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Urgent Call for Immediate Intervention to Stop Genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia

February 5, 2021

To Whom It May Concern

From: The Tigray Community of the Carolinas


RE: Urgent Call for Immediate Intervention to Stop Genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia


Dear all:

We, the Tigray Community of North and South Carolina, are rallying today to protest the ongoing war on Tigray. We are here to make a voice to bring attention to the ongoing atrocities, human catastrophe, and unfolding genocide in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.  

Since November 4, 2020, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, aided and abetted by President Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea, has waged an all-out war on Tigray. To date, as the bloody war continues, innocent and defenseless children, women, and civilians are being murdered or displaced due to the daily shelling, bombardment and extrajudicial killings. Civilians are suffering from rape, pillaging of their infrastructure and other war crimes committed by the invading Ethiopian National Defense Forces in coordination with the Eritrean army, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) drones and Amhara Fano vigilante militia.

We are here today to bring to your attention the humanitarian crisis in Tigray and to appeal for meaningful intervention by the United Nations, United States and its allies to help protect the people of Tigray from an impending extermination by genocide, starvation and war crimes. Unless you intervene, three generations (past, present and future) of Tigray are at risk of extermination!


Dear friends and compatriots,

We members of the Tigray Community in the Carolinas, on behalf of the people of Tigray, herein request that the United States prioritize addressing the urgent humanitarian crisis and the eminent risk of genocide of the people of Tigray. Specifically, we are making a call:


To the U.S. Government: We urge the U.S. Government to pass an urgent resolution for:

1.   Enforcement of an immediate cessation of hostilities and peaceful resolution of the crisis

2.   Enforcement of unconditional and immediate withdrawal of Eritrean forces from Tigray since they are hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray.

3.    Enforcement of an immediate and unfettered access to international humanitarian aid.

4.   Enforcement of an immediate restoration of communications and transport in Tigray as part of the human rights monitoring tools by lifting the blackout throughout Tigray.

5.   Call for the deployment of UN Peacekeepers at the Ethiopia-Eritrea border to:

a.    enforce peace and security of the people of Tigray,

b.   monitor the Eritrean Army withdrawal,

c.   stop pillaging of infrastructure, religious institutions and cultural heritages.

6.   Immediate cessation of ethnic profiling of Tigrayans and release of all political prisoners.


To the UN Security Council: we urge the UN Security Council to pass an urgent resolution for:


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1.   The immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Eritrean Army from Tigray

2.   Giving unfettered access to humanitarian organizations to save lives

3.   The immediate cessation of hostilities and finding political solutions

4.   The lifting of all economic and media blockade imposed on Tigray

5.   The lifting of the blackout and opening of Tigray to national and international media

6.   The independent investigation of war crimes and other international law violations


Thank you for your kind attention and consideration!


The Tigray Community of the Carolinas

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